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The vine of progression in Zimbabwe

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Mary Ward Quotes

“Show yourself as you are and be what you show yourself”
Mary Ward

Where We Work


  • Milton Park
  • Newton Kwekwe
  • Mbizo
    * Mary Ward Primary School
    * Mary Ward Pre-School
  • Chishawasha
  • St Joseph Chishawasha
  • Norton

In conjuction with ...

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Who We Are

Mary Ward’s spiritual journey led her from childhood piety, to the enclosed contemplative life of the Poor Clares, to the Ignatian practice of finding God in all things – through joy, through searching,  through suffering,  through misunderstanding, and through disgrace – to the depths of mystical union with God. [more]

What We Do

  • Mission and Ministry
  • Education
  • Social
  • Pastoral
  • Developing Ministries
  • Intellectual


Becoming a CJ Sister

How do you begin as a member of the C.J.?
Discernment: Working out if you have a vocation to religious life . It requires a process of careful reflection and prayer. If you feel called to explore this option for your life, you can speak to any sister of the congregation of Jesus and ask her about her experience of religious life. [more]